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Introduced in 2000, Leadership Waterloo Region is a social-profit organization that delivers educational leadership experiences to a broad cross-section of community members through collaborations with diverse and inclusive organizations in Waterloo Region.  The organization provides community leaders with the opportunity to acquire and practice leadership skills.

According to Dr. David Walker, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at Queen's University: "we can't expect leaders to 'pop-up'; they have to be nurtured through a culture that values leadership, promotes good leaders and gives them opportunities to burnish their skills."

Leadership Waterloo Region addresses the community's leadership needs through the delivery of carefully tailored programs like our the Core Program, Non-Profit Leadership Series, Fresh Innovators Conference, Visionary Speaker Series and various other learning focused events and gatherings. 

Using the community as a backdrop, Leadership Waterloo Region encourages participants to realize their leadership potential by teaching them about local challenges and developing the skills they need to overcome these obstacles by pooling resources with established community leaders.  Graduates from the Core Program join a network of over 440 established leaders in Waterloo Region. Leadership Waterloo Region is the only community leadership development program in our region.

We invite you to join us in the journey!



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