Affordable Housing Cafe


Leadership Waterloo Region’s Core Program Class of 2020 has, through the teaching and facilitation from WISIR, collectively taken on one issue as identified by Wellbeing Waterloo Region: Affordable Housing.  

In October 2019, LWR hosted our first world café, where the class captured information and feedback from community partners and those with lived experience relating to affordable housing. Since then, they have been conducting individual interviews to determine specific leverage points that impact the affordable housing continuum. Having presented on these leverage points, the class, over the last month has been working in pairs to develop solutions in partnership with those working and living in the affordable housing space. 


We are thrilled to share that we, through Zoom will be hosting our first ever virtual World Café on Affordable Housing on Tuesday, May 5, 2020 from 9:00am-12:00pm. We recognize that three hours is a long time to participate in a Zoom session, so the event will be structured in such a way to allow several bio/stretching breaks throughout the morning. 

During this second café, participants will hear our class members present their solutions, and will have an opportunity to ask questions and dive deeper into their learnings. The class will also be seeking additional information from participants on how COVID-19 has changed the realities of the affordable housing challenges we face, and how solutions may need to pivot to address these ongoing changes. 

While meeting via Zoom might not be ideal, it does provide us one unique advantage. Our previous restrictions on capacity are no longer a barrier, as we can open the registration for the session to as many attendees as are able to join us! Those from a variety of sectors and with lived experience are welcome and encouraged to attend. 

**UPDATE** The World Cafe Held on May 5th was a roaring success and the feedback gathered by the class will be used to finalize their solutions, for presentation to the community over the next few months.

Please stay tuned for our next community gathering and discussion on Affordable Housing as a part of our solutions lab work in the Class of 2021!

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