Alumni Blog: Tracy Suerich

Tracy Suerich, Alumni Blog, Leadership Waterloo Region Class of 2009

What is your name, and who do you work for? What sector do you represent?

Tracy Suerich, City of Waterloo, Government sector.

What brought you to Leadership Waterloo Region?

I was becoming increasingly community minded and looking for a challenge.  I had discovered that an increasing number of people whom I had come to respect were alumni of the program.  After looking into it, I knew it was a good fit for me.

Have you been involved in any community-focused or volunteer activities allowing you to demonstrate Community Leadership?

Leadership Waterloo Region directly led to a career change for me.  My job now centres on community service and working with social profit organizations to help make this region a better place to live.  Of course, my volunteer life has flourished too.  I am very involved in numerous initiatives outside of work as my way to give back for my good fortunes.

How have those activities benefited or impacted your life? Were there any difficulties you ran into?

I have become a stronger leader and a more focused business person thanks to my involvement in the community.  I’ve sought out challenging situations because I know I have the skills to rally people behind me and turn things around.  I have made some incredible friends and business relationships over the years, thanks to the challenges I have taken on.

How has the Core Program of Leadership Waterloo Region changed the way that you lead in both your community and your place of employment?

Since the Core Program, I have become an accomplished public speaker, broadened my understanding of our community, and become a mentor in both my personal and professional life.  Before I took the program, I never would have expected any of those things.

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