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Alumni Testimonials - We Have A Grad For That

Stories and testimonials from program alumni are often the best way in which to illustrate the impact Leadership Waterloo Region has on the community.  Each graduate has a personal leadership story, and it is important to highlight those stories. Below are snippets from each testimonial, click Read more following each testimonial to read the full story.

Sarah Bach, Leadership Waterloo Region"Building a Stronger, More Compassionate Community"

"... By learning about the different sectors of the community ... Each of us can contribute and is vital to building a stronger, more compassionate community." Read more.

Sarah Bach, Community Volunteer - Class of 2014

Lynn Cameron, Leadership Waterloo Region"Prosperity in Our Community"

"... I had the privilege of working with a dynamic network of individuals who work in the planning and delivery of sustainable change." Read more.

Lynn Cameron, Libro Credit Union - Class of 2010

Sara Casselman, Leadership Waterloo Region"Get Involved, You'll Be Glad You Did"

"... Alumni leave the Program with the tools, understanding and connections they need to contribute to their community in concrete ways." Read more.

Sara Casselman, Sexual Assault Support Centre - Class of 2012

Jeff Darroch, Leadership Waterloo Region"Making a Difference in Our Community"

"... Meet individuals that were all working towards making Waterloo Region a better place to live, work and play." Read more.

Jeff Darroch, Sun Life Financial - Class of 2009

"They Needed a Door - The Power of a Network"

"... The Leadership Day that focused on the thorny community issue of poverty was held at the Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank. It had been mentioned in previous years that the layout of the Food Bank facilities was not optimal, but it wasn’t until the Class of 2006 heard this that action was taken... The result was an in-kind donation valued at more than $40,000 and a detailed plan for the Food Bank to guide future renovations." Read more.

Bob Denton, TD Commercial Banking - Class of 2006

Julie Dopko, Leadership Waterloo Region"The Drive of Leadership"

"... I found the Core Program’s class content both interesting and highly relevant. The exposure to different programs in our community was invaluable." Read more.

Julie Dopko, Communitech - Class of 2014

Christine Dwyer, Leadership Waterloo Region"Importance of the Alumni Network"

"... Perhaps the single most valuable resouce is Leadership Waterloo Region's Alumni network ... This group of strong and passionate leaders have always been able to assist ." Read more.

Christine Dwyer, Saturn Power - Class of 2005

John Goodman, Leadership Waterloo Region"Striving for Personal Growth"

"... The program often forces you outside of your comfort zones in order to grow as a leader and see issues with a different lens." Read more.

John Goodman, Waterloo Region Police Services - Class of 2015

Nancy Hall-Jupp, Leadership Waterloo Region"We Are So Rich In People!"

"To have a network to call on is encouraging and no feat is too big when you know someone out there shares your vision and wants to join in the journey." Read more.

Nancy Hall-Jupp, City of Waterloo - Class of 2015


Jeff Henry, Leadership Waterloo Region"Confidence Gain"

"...I learned more about myself and gained the confidence to take on community leadership roles, first on the local board of the Canadian Mental Health Association, and then on Waterloo City Council." Read more.

Jeff Henry, University of Waterloo - Class of 2007

Jessica Hutchison, Leadership Waterloo Region"Testing Your Ideas"

"... The Leadership Waterloo Region Core Progam ... helps to push us beyond our comfort zone and provide us with tools for honing our leadership skills." Read more.

Jessica Hutchison, Hospice of Waterloo Region - Class of 2014

Patricia Johnson, Leadership Waterloo Region"If You Love Waterloo Region"

"... was a truly valuable learning experience as I was able to develop my teamwork and project management skills while...  providing a local not-for-profit with information and materials that they can use..." Read more.

Patricia Johnson, COM DEV - Class of 2015

Adam Lauder, Leadership Waterloo Region

"Overwhelming Feeling of Empowerment"

"On completion of the course, I had a much better understanding of my community, of my own values and I was much better equipped to apply my leadership skills." Read more.

Adam Lauder, City of Waterloo - Class of 2014

Susan Lockett, Development Officer, Cambridge Memorial Hospital Foundation, Leadership Waterloo Region

"Leading From Within"

"I have learned that leadership from within a team can be very powerful, sometimes more so as your ideas are viewed by peers in a more accepting light." Read more.

Susan Lockett, Cambridge Memorial Hospital Foundation - Class of 2011

Colin Mickie, Leadership Waterloo Region"Wow! It Felt Like We Could Do Anything"

"... I remember the overwhelming feeling of empowerment ... All of us here together finding ways to help each other and our community." Read more.

Colin Mickie, City of Waterloo - Class of 2011

Carolyn Parks, Leadership Waterloo Region"Community Stewardship"

"... offered amazing and engaging ways for me to gain a broader view on our region and the needs that exist." Read more.

Carolyn Parks, 100 Mile Gifts - Class of 2002

Sherryl Petricevic, Operations Manager, TrustPoint Innovation Technologies, Ltd., Leadership Waterloo Region" Diversified Point of View"

"... This session was a game changer, I was encouraged to look up and out, recognize when I could help ..." Read more.

Sherryl Petricevic, TrustPoint Innovation Technologies, Ltd. - Class of 2004

Fortunato Restagno, Leadership Waterloo Region

"I Have a Passion"

"... Leadership Waterloo Region is a vital program for anyone involved in a community program, whether work or personal.  Thank you, Leadership Waterloo Region, for keeping my passion alive." Read more.

Fortunato Restagno, The Personal Coach - Class of 2004

Carmen Robert, Leadership Waterloo Region"Leaders Reach Their Full Potential"

"... instills a broader knowledge of how the puzzle pieces of our society – business, government, social profit, and everything in between, connect us all." Read more.

Carmen Robert, Christie Digital Systems Canada Inc. - Class of 2002

Martin Scherer, Manager of Engineering Outreach Activities, University of Waterloo, Leadership Waterloo Region"I Left the Program Humbled"

"... I felt I knew leadership. Leadership Waterloo Region showed me that I still had a lot to learn." Read more.

Martin Scherer, University of Waterloo - Class of 2013

Chris Sellers, Manager of Engineering Outreach Activities, University of Waterloo, Leadership Waterloo Region"Engaged & Invested in My Community"

"... The Core Program enabled me to enhance my leadership style to something more grounded in science and best practices." Read more.

Chris Sellers, Lutherwood - Class of 2013

Lisa Short, Leadership Waterloo Region"Focus on the Bigger Picture"

"... I draw on my Leadership Waterloo Region experiences and lessons learned to navigate my role as a community builder in Cambridge and North Dumfries ." Read more.

Lisa Short, Cambridge & North Dumfries Community Foundation - Class of 2010

Tracy Suerich, Leadership Waterloo Region"Impacted Every Aspect of My Life"

"... Since completing the Core Program in 2009, I am a better friend and wife, a more aware community member, and a driven, unshakable and better connected employee." Read more.

Tracy Suerich, City of Waterloo - Class of 2009

Angela Vieth, Leadership Waterloo Region"Amazing Work Happens"

"... As an alumnus of the Leadership Waterloo Region Core Program I am fortunate to have a huge network of contacts in all sectors." Read more.

Angela Vieth, City of Waterloo - Class of 2003

Steven Voll, Stantec"Invested in Our Community"

"... Through the Core Program I learned more about myself and my leadership style. These learnings were not only applicable to my work life, but my personal life." Read more.

Steven Voll, Stantec - Class of 2008

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