Angela Vieth, Councillor, City of Waterloo

Angela Vieth, Councillor, City of WaterlooAngela Vieth, City of Waterloo

Leadership Waterloo Region Class of 2003

Never in a million years did I imagine I would ever be a politician! The Leadership Waterloo Region Core Program gave me the confidence and encouragement to throw my name into the ring in early 2003 for the fall municipal election!

Leadership Waterloo Region graduate, John Turvey suggested that I would benefit from the program, that I had the community and volunteer background to qualify and that I should apply for the Class of 2003. I haven’t looked back. I believe that the program gave me the tools and connections in the community to be successful in my 2006 run for City Council.
One of the highlights of the Program for me was the visit to the Cambridge Self-help food
bank. Amazing work happens there. I was impressed at how folks were given a hand up, not a hand out. Clients are engaged and part of the solution for making their lives better and
contributing to the community they live in.

Learning never ends! I have been an elected official for several years and every day I meet new people and I learn new things. I felt so privileged to have had the opportunity to experience the program that I felt I had to give back. Along with some of my 2003 classmates we came up with the first major fundraiser for Leadership Waterloo Region, the annual Fire and Ice Gala, and I’m always on the lookout for potential Core Program candidates.

As an alumnus of the Leadership Waterloo Region Core Program I am fortunate to have a huge network of contacts in all sectors of the Region of Waterloo at my fingertips.

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