Bursary Information

No leader left behind.

We believe that our Core Program should be made available to any leader who is at the right stage of their leadership journey. We recognize that tuition can be a barrier to some so Leadership Waterloo Region provides bursary monies for a small number of participants in need.  It should be noted that numerous requests for bursaries are received each year, so while we do our best to include every participant, applicants are not necessarily guaranteed the support they request.   

Every request will receive a fair assessment only after the selection process has been completed.  Your request in no way influences the selection committee’s decision. This is a confidential application to ensure that decisions are fair and informed.

Please complete the confidential online form linked below at the same time as your Core Program application. Bursary applications will only be available and reviewed by our CEO, Diane Wiles. 

Due to the confidential nature of these applications, questions regarding a bursary request, should be forwarded directly to Diane.



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