Christine Dwyer, Saturn Power

Christine Dwyer, Saturn Power

Leadership Waterloo Region Class of 2005

When I decided to participate in the Leadership Waterloo Region program my goal was to learn more about community issues and to enhance my leadership skills. What I got out of the experience was so much more than I expected. In addition to learning about community issues, I was able build on a wide variety of skills that are transferable to so many situations. Whether it be a business environment, community project or even a personal situation, Leadership Waterloo Region has provided me with a wealth of tools to help me thrive.

Perhaps the single most valuable resource is Leadership Waterloo Region’s Alumni network. I have used this web of connections on many occasions. This group of strong and passionate leaders have always been able to assist. After a short hiatus from community involvement, I reached out to a few members of this network and was immediately connected to activities that match my skills and passion.

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