Community Charity Services

Sign up with Community Charity Services to make donations through the purchase of grocery and gas gift cards for your personal use.  This system allows you to make a financial donation to Leadership Waterloo Region at no cost to you!

We are excited to introduce a no-cost way to support Leadership Waterloo Region by working with Community Charity Services (CCS) – thanks to Roy Weber, LWR ’03.

Here is how the program works in three simple steps:

1.    Choose the grocery cards for the store you already shop at every month. You can support Leadership Waterloo
       Region by ordering as little as $35 in grocery cards a week (only $150 a month, and most of us spend at least that on groceries). You can also order gas cards and help us even more.

2.    Prepay for your chosen grocery gift card order by bank withdrawal (just like automatic bill payments) or with
      your credit card (convenient, but there is a minimum order requirement of $80 per week or $350 per month
      if you pay by credit card).

3.    Provide your home mailing address where the gift cards will be sent each month.

It’s that easy, and here is what will happen when you do:
•    Leadership Waterloo Region will receive an annual contribution from you just for paying for your groceries this
      way (and gas as well, if you choose).
•    You will receive a charitable tax receipt from Leadership Waterloo Region for your contribution. You will get a
      reduction in your income tax just for paying for your groceries and gas the Pay the Gift Card Way.

When you sign up to receive your monthly grocery and gas cards from CCS, you are eligible to order Costco gift cards four times in the year (we will notify you by email when these special order times will take place). So what does that mean for you? It means that you can shop at Costco without being a member and paying their $60 annual membership fee. All you do is present the Costco gift card to the cashier. You will not be asked to present a Costco membership card. This exclusive benefit of being able to shop at Costco without a membership is only available to those who participate in Pay the Gift Card Way.

If you'd like more information on this program, please contact the office at 519-742-7338, and you could begin contributing financially to the organization within a month.


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