John Goodman, Staff Sergeant, Waterloo Regional Police Service

Martin Scherer, Manager of Engineering Outreach Activities, University of Waterloo, Leadership Waterloo RegionJohn Goodman,
Staff Sergeant, Waterloo Regional Police Service

Leadership Waterloo Region Class of 2015

The Leadership Waterloo Region Core Program is about community and change. Community in the sense individuals from all walks of life come together to learn, reflect and interact in order to foster and create lifelong relationships and healthy communities.

From these relationships change emerges in how we look at ourselves, others and our diverse community as a whole.

The program often forces you outside of your comfort zones in order to grow as a leader and see issues with a different lens. This growth and enriched self-awareness is enlightening and you become more involved with positive change in the community.

The individuals you meet throughout the program, whether they are fellow participants, facilitators and/or guest speakers are engaged and make it a fantastic experience.

If you are open minded, striving for personal growth and want to take greater ownership for the wellness of your community then Leadership Waterloo Region is the program for you.

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