LWR Wins Governance Excellence Award!


Waterloo Region – December 2, 2021 – Leadership Waterloo Region was recognized for its outstanding work in the community and awarded Capacity Canada’s prestigious Governance Excellence Award. The award was presented at the opening night of the Board Governance BootCamp, sponsored by Manulife, on Thursday.

Capacity Canada Board members Joanna Lohrenz and Jeanette Bancarz presented the award to Board Chair Tony Denison, Past-Chair Paul Rabb, and CEO Diane Wiles from Leadership Waterloo Region. The organization has humbly accepted its admission to Capacity Canada’s Board of Directors’ Hall of Fame. As part of the award, Leadership Waterloo Region will receive a cheque of $5,000 to be used in an unrestricted way.

“I spent a few years on the board of Leadership Wood Buffalo in Fort McMurray. I witnessed the impact a community leadership program can bring to community organizations, especially to a diverse setting. The success of Leadership Waterloo Region is critical to building capacity and strong boards in Waterloo Region. I am happy they are receiving this award,” said Jeanette, Board Member, Capacity Canada.

Leadership Waterloo Region is a social-profit organization that encourages, empowers and equips current and future leaders to unleash positive change in their communities. They achieve this through impactful, practical, cross-sectional and community-focused leadership development, while collaborating with diverse and inclusive organizations from around Waterloo Region.

Board members from Leadership Waterloo Region have attended Capacity Canada’s Board Governance BootCamp since 2018. “Through BootCamp, we have learned to move out of the operational side of governance. The Board has realized that we have to continuously learn and evolve, and lean on each other to be a successful,” said CEO Diane Wiles.

“After attending our first BootCamp, we recognized the need to look at the organization from a ‘helicopter’ level. We quickly recognized the need to view the organization collectively through one lens,” shares Paul Rabb, “This approach has allowed us to define a new vision for Leadership Waterloo Region, amplifying the strategic impact the organization can have on our community.” Leadership Waterloo Region will continue to use Capacity Canada’s BootCamp as an integral part of their revamped Board orientation as a commitment to governance excellence.  

Every year, Capacity Canada invites nominations from graduates of Board Governance BootCamp, sponsored by Manulife, for the Excellence in Board Governance Award and admission to the Board of Directors Hall of Fame. As part of the application, nominees must demonstrate how they have applied specific learning from their BootCamp experience to their board practices. Additionally, they are asked to build a case for why they deserve this award.

Last year, Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region and St. John’s Status of Women Council in Newfoundland were awarded the Board Excellence Award.

Learn more about the Governance Excellence Award onCapacity Canada's website.


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