Next Level Leadership


We’ve been hearing from you – our alumni and senior leaders in our community – that you want to refresh your leadership skills.

What can take you to the next level?

Leadership Waterloo Region and FlipU are partnering to bring you a brand new, virtual learning experience! Next Level Leadership is a two-part program featuring courses on Leadership and Followership. Working along-side other senior leaders, you will dive deep into new ways of doing leadership and followership, network and share stories with your peers, and gain a myriad of tools, tips and techniques. And, you will have the chance (COVID-willing) to learn even more about your community through experiential learning opportunities. 

Your commitment: only 20-25 minutes a week.

Who should attend:

  • You have over five years of leadership experience
  • You are looking to take your leadership to the next level
  • You are committed to making change happen in your community
  • You are looking to learn from other senior leaders
  • You are comfortable engaging online in a virtual environment

Program Details

Course 1: Be a Leader People WANT to Follow 

Begins: September 20th
Duration: 8 weeks
Approach: Self-paced

Key Benefits:

  • Step into your best leadership self
  • Critically evaluate your leadership identity and brand: who you are and who you aspire to be
  • Apply the most important leadership technique and know how to get more of it
  • Further hone your questioning mindset in ways that encourage new insights and get better results
  • Distinguish the optimum conditions for team success
  • Be easy to follow
  • Have generative conversations rather than difficult ones
  • Give actionable feedback generously and receive feedback graciously
  • Gain more insight how you can champion the evolution of your organization’s culture
  • Bring out the best in everyone

Course 2: Followership: The f-word that complements leadership 

Begins: November 29th
Duration: 8 weeks
Approach: Self-paced

Key Benefits:

  • Recognize the value and potential of engaged Followership in addition to Leadership 
  • Increase the value you bring to your team as well as how much you are valued by the team
  • Gain more support for your ideas and recommendations
  • Champion a culture of accountability and high performance
  • Increase your leadership capacity
  • Enhance performance in yourself and others by coaching and mentoring for stronger followership
  • Gain a host of useful followership tools and job aids
  • Be a more effective, persuasive and credible communicator
  • Distinguish yourself with your collaboration skills

Cost to attend:

$379* for both courses 

*Discounted for Leadership Waterloo Region, saving our attendees $179! 




Course Descriptions

Be a leader people WANT to follow

The modern role of leadership is not so much to delegate, evaluate, rate, rank, review, and differentiate. Rather, today’s leaders coach, chart the path, clear the path, and help people have awesome experiences in the process. It involves a lot of communicating, a huge emphasis on goals, being clear on priorities, erring to “yes”, and obsessive attention to the people side of things. 

FliP U presents a pracademic leadership course: deeply rooted in science and research, and made practical with on-the-job tools, tips, case studies, and memorable stories. 

This course is a mindset shift from leader-centric to partner-centric. And, unlike many leadership courses, this is not about self-help: it is a skill-building course on how to be a great leader of others! Because you’re not leading if no one is following.

Followership: The F-word that complements leadership

Imagine you had a secret formula that supercharged your career, enabling you to make your voice heard, create more value, and take control of your organizational destiny. Also, imagine that secret formula supercharged your team and your organization by improving accountability, productivity, creativity, and engagement by 17 to 43%! 

Here is the secret: How you show up in your followership role is just as important as how you show up in your leadership role. The formula is:   leadership skills + followership skills = great partnering. 

FliP U presents the world’s first online course on followership. On any team you have two roles: sometimes you are leading, while at other times you are following. Both roles are essential for your success and that of your organization.

This course is for smart people who aspire to higher performance and recognition. It’s for life-long learners who want to know about current hot topics. Frankly, it’s for everyone who hasn’t taken a followership course.



About Your Facilitators - FLIP U

FliP U develops more compassionate and effective leaders, more empowered and confident followers, and more collaborative, partner-centric organizations with their transformative blended learning programs based on the book Leadership is Half the Story: A Fresh Look at Followership, Leadership and Collaboration (University of Toronto, Rotman Press). 

  • They obsessively curate content that is ‘pracademic’, i.e., deeply rooted in science and made practical with heaps of interactivity, job aids, tools, self-assessments, group discussions, case studies, and more! 
  • Each course has been accredited one full day of professional development. 
  • They pay special attention to the threshold concepts that stimulate deep learning, changes forever thinking and develops skills. Content isn’t just passively consumed, it’s actively practiced. 
  • Their eclectic and talented team includes a neuroscientist along with other globally recognized subject matter experts. 


Marc Hurwitz, PhD MBA MSc MSc CMC CEBS

Associate Director of Undergraduate & Non-degree Programs, Conrad School of Entrepreneurship & Business, University of Waterloo and Chief Insight Officer, FliP U

Samantha Hurwitz,

CPA  CHRLChief Encouragement Officer, FliP U






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