Patricia Johnson, Human Resources Business Partner, COM DEV

Patricia Johnson, COM DEVPatricia Johnson, Leadership Waterloo Region

Leadership Waterloo Region Class of 2015

My company, COM DEV Ltd., has historically been a great supporter of Leadership Waterloo. The company offered to sponsor me in taking the Leadership Waterloo Core Program. I was very honored to be recognized for the volunteer work I do in the local community and knew that participating in this program would further develop my leadership skills so that I could apply the new skills learned to the current volunteer work I do.

The Program consists of one full-day workshop per month, October – May. These cover a number of relevant topics ranging from challenges that local not-for-profits face and issues that affect people living in our geographical area to board governance and how to full participate as a volunteer within our local communities. The other main component of the program is the group project wherein program participants are divided up into project groups, each group partners with a local not-for-profit agency and spends approximately 10 months working on a specific project. This piece of the program, for me, was a truly valuable learning experience as I was able to develop my teamwork and project management skills while at the same time providing a local not-for-profit with information and materials that they can use to further develop and sustain their organization.

If you love the Region of Waterloo, have a spirit of volunteerism, want to develop your leadership skills and work towards being a future community leader then this program is for you! You will make friendships and connections that will last far beyond the one-year term of the program.

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