Leadership Waterloo Region's Community Leadership Development Programs are exciting initiatives for rising decision-makers in the community.

Core Program

Designed to help participants acquire both a broader understanding of the critical issues affecting our community and the leadership skills necessary to resolve them, this program prepares participants for the challenges of their own life-long leadership journeys, builds leadership skills, and develops an awareness for the rich opportunities for leadership in Waterloo Region.
Some of the many ways this program is unique:

  • Emphasis on practical experience as a key part of the learning process, dealing with existing community issues in the region;
  • Involving participants from all sectors of society and reflecting on the diverse nature of the region;
  • We seek to balance participation between business, government and the social profit sectors in order to nurture a new leadership network for the future;
  • Integrating new leaders into the existing community leader network.
  • Increased leadership skills;
  • Knowledge of regional issues;
  • Knowledge of the region, its history and its leaders;
  • Informed network of diverse colleagues;
  • Understanding of diversity;
  • Refinement of personal values and mission.
  • Pool of committed community leaders to serve as board members and volunteers;
  • Talented group of leaders who can be called upon for solutions to community issues;
  • Leadership that can be tapped for governmental task forces and commissions;
  • Well-informed citizens who are motivated to run for public office.
  • Increased leadership skills;
  • Knowledge of regional issues that can be used for greater organizational effectiveness;
  • An opportunity to position a business as an organization committed to community quality and to position its decision makers as committed community leaders;
  • Understanding of diversity that can be applied at place of employment.
We Seek Diversity

Leadership Waterloo Region actively recruits from the diversity of people and viewpoints that make up the region.  We welcome applications from anyone who demonstrates leadership qualities and is committed to creating a new network of informed and dedicated community action-takers. Applications are accepted year-round.  The deadline for applications is May 31st every year.  You can link to the application form from our home page.

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