Projects and Project Partners

Every year since 2001 Leadership Waterloo Region's class teams have worked on projects in our community.  These are submitted by social profit organizations from across the region in the spring for consideration by our program faculty.  All projects are reviewed in the early summer and those selected will have a small class team assigned to them in September. These teams will work on their projects until the end of their program year in June. 

The 70+ projects completed to-date have made an impact on the agencies, and ultimately on those they serve and on the wider community.  The projects also have served as a "learning laboratory" for the class teams. 

 We encourage all social profit organizations to consider submitting a project.  Submissions should be made via the online form HERE, however a copy of the submission form is available below, and includes an explanation of our process and expectations. You can also read some testimonials from past community partners on the Impact page of our website. 

 We look forward to hearing from you!


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