Tracy Suerich, City of Waterloo

Tracy Suerich, City of Waterloo

Leadership Waterloo Region Class of 2009

When I first looked into Leadership Waterloo Region’s Core Program, I didn't really know what to expect. I knew that I was passionate about community building, and I knew that I wanted to develop new skills and broaden my outlook, but I had no idea it would make such an impact on every aspect of my life.

Since completing the Core Program in 2009, I am a better friend and wife, a more aware community member, and a driven, unshakable and better connected employee. The listening, communication, and team building skills learned in the core program simply made me an all-around better person. I am more aware of challenges faced by others in our Region, more aware of ways I can help, and more engaged to make changes around me. The lasting friendships I made in the program is a nice bonus too!

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