Young Professionals on Board

Young Professionals on Board 2008

Leaders Connecting with Young Leaders

“Young Professionals on Board” is a program aimed at young leaders looking to gain real-world board experience. Participants are matched with mentors who sit on local Board of Directors. Our young professionals will learn about board governance and, with the assistance of their mentors, actively participate on the board of a social profit organization for a minimum of six months.

Why Be a Young Professionals on Board Participant?

As a young leader, Young Professionals on Board can help you:

  • Develop and enhance your leadership skills;
  • Gain hands-on experience in board governance;
  • Understand the issues faced by social profit organizations;
  • Connect with established leaders in our community.

Why Be a Mentor for a Young Leader?

As a member of a board of directors, mentoring a young leader through Young Professionals on Board can help you:

  • Connect young leaders to local community initiatives;
  • Gain a youth perspective at the board level;
  • Expand emerging leaders’ knowledge of board governance practices;
  • Grow your pool of potential board members.

Program Cost

$500 per participant. Tuition discounts may be available to those registered at a recognized post-secondary institution. For more information about the Young Professionals on Board, please email our office.

Young Professionals on Board Timeline

September: Recruitment
October: Leadership and Governance Workshop
November–June: Monthly Board Service
June: Commencement and Congratulations



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